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Stone Cracking Powder Professional Production Manufacturer
Stone Cracking Powder Professional Production Manufacturer
Stone Cracking Powder Professional Production Manufacturer

Stone Cracking Powder Professional Production Manufacturer





Application:It can be widely used in mining, rock breaking&cutting, granite and marble quarrying,concrete demolition & removal and so on
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Stone Cracking Powder is a professional chemical blasting stone crushing solution designed for efficient and precise crushing of various types of stone. Using a unique chemical formula, it can quickly generate strong expansion force, allowing the stone to crack precisely at the predetermined location, showing amazing crushing effects. Whether it is large stone or solid concrete, it can be easily crushed in a short period of time, bringing significant benefits to your project.

  Stone Cracking Powder Product features and actual effects:

1.Efficient and fast crushing:Stone Cracking Powder can quickly penetrate and generate strong expansion force when in contact with stone. In a short period of time, you can observe that the stone is starting to crack, and this cracking is precise and controllable, greatly improving the efficiency of crushing operations.

2.Excellent crushing effect: Whether it's hard rock, heavy concrete, or other types of stone, Stone Cracking Powder can easily handle them. Its crushing effect is excellent, which can completely crush the stone into small pieces, making it convenient for subsequent processing.

3.Safe and environmentally friendly: We pay attention to the safety and environmental friendliness of our products, ensuring that there is no harm to operators and the surrounding environment during use. You can use it with confidence without worrying about any safety hazards.


  What is Stone Cracking Powder?

Stone Cracking Powder also known as static breaking agent, is a chemical material that can cause internal volume expansion of objects. It produces uniform expansion force inside the object through specific chemical reactions, thus achieving the breaking of hard objects such as rock and concrete. This process does not require external mechanical force, so it does not produce noise or vibration.

   Stone Cracking Powder Product Usage:

Stone Cracking Powder is a professional stone crushing agent widely used in various fields such as construction demolition, mining operations, and road construction. Whether it's demolishing concrete structures from old buildings or crushing rocks during mining operations, it can play an excellent role in helping you easily cope with various crushing tasks.

   Stone Cracking Powder Types:

Note: Can provide all kinds of temperature range according to client’s request.

HSCA-1: Suitable for ambient temperatures between 25-35℃.  Within this temperature range, Expansive Mortar Powder can achieve the best crushing effect, ensuring the smooth progress of the project.

HSCA-2: Suitable for ambient temperatures between 10-25℃. Under moderate temperature conditions, HSCA-2 can provide stable and efficient crushing performance.

HSCA-3: Suitable for ambient temperatures between 5-15℃. At lower temperatures, HSCA-3 can still maintain its crushing effect and meet the engineering needs of cold regions.

HSCA-4: Suitable for ambient temperatures ranging from -5-5℃. This is a type of silent expansion agent suitable for extremely cold environments, ensuring effective crushing even under severe cold conditions.

   Stone Cracking Powder Instructions for use:

Users only need to mix Stone Cracking Powder with water according to the product instructions, form a paste like mixture, and then inject it into the stone that needs to be crushed. After waiting for a period of time, you will find that the stone gradually cracks and eventually breaks into small pieces. The operation is simple and convenient, without the need for complex equipment and technology.

   Stone Cracking Powder Package & Storage

Container and Storage EXPANDAG Stone Cracking Powder is packed in 4 anti-moisture bags of 5 kg (11 lb.) each and then placed in a water proofed carton with a total weight of 20 kg (44 lb.).

1. Although  is packed in anti-moisture paper bags, long storage may cause deterioration of its working ingredients. Therefore, store in a dry place and use it as soon as possible.

2. When storing, do not place the bags of  directly on floor, put them on a pallet and keep in a dry warehouse etc. , stored in this manner, can be effectively used for about 1 year.

3.  should be unpacked before use.

4. When storing the portion of  remaining after use, push the air out of the bag, then seal with gum tape and use as soon as possible. However, as it may get exposed to moisture there is a risk of  EXPANDAG Stone Cracking Powder losing its effectiveness once the bag has been opened.

5. If you receive broken bags of , they may not work due to chance of moisture absorption.

   Stone Cracking Powder Kind reminder:

To achieve the best crushing effect, please make sure to use Stone Cracking Powder professional stone crushing agent correctly according to the product instructions and avoid prolonged contact with the skin. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us at any time.


We can offer you a very good Stone Cracking Powder price as well as quality.

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