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Chemical blasting material-silent expansion agent

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Efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly stone mining technology is crucial in the construction and road construction industry. For silent mining of large volume stones, Stone Cracking Powders have become an ideal choice. When the crushing hammer cannot separate the stones and the splitting machine speed is too slow, the Stone Cracking Powder stands out with its unique advantages.

Chemical blasting material topking

The working principle and composition of Stone Cracking Powders

Stone Cracking Powders are mainly composed of expansion agent powder and an appropriate amount of water. When in use, mix the Stone Cracking Powders with water in proportion and pour it into the pre drilled hole. After a certain period of chemical reaction, the expansion agent will generate a huge expansion force, causing the stone to crack in the predetermined direction. Its characteristic is that the entire process is silent and vibration free, greatly reducing the impact on the surrounding environment.

Stone Cracking Powders are suitable for silent mining of various hard rocks, such as granite, volcanic rock, quartzite, basalt, quartz porphyry, siliceous schist, sandstone, limestone, marble, dolomite, pyrite, etc. It can efficiently break hard rocks while maintaining a quiet and safe construction environment.

Efficient and environmentally friendly: Stone Cracking Powders do not produce noise and dust during construction, are environmentally friendly, and meet the requirements of modern environmentally friendly construction.

Easy to operate: No need for professional technicians, ordinary workers can operate with simple training, greatly simplifying the construction process.

High safety: No use of gunpowder or explosives, avoiding safety hazards caused by blasting and ensuring the safety of construction personnel.

Stone Cracking Powders have been widely used in subway tunnel engineering and gradually occupying the excavation market of subway tunnels. Its efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly characteristics make it an ideal equipment to replace crushing hammers and traditional blasting techniques. In addition, Stone Cracking Powders have also shown excellent performance in areas such as highway construction, mining, and underground engineering, especially in situations where vibration and noise control is required, demonstrating their advantages.

When using Stone Cracking Powders, the diameter and depth of the hole should be determined according to the specific working conditions, and the operation should be carried out according to the instructions in the manual. After pouring the mixed expansion agent into the borehole, wait for about 6-8 hours to complete the cracking. Simple operation, high efficiency, greatly improving construction speed and quality.


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