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Optimization Plan for Stone Excavation Construction

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The rock excavation construction of this project adopts an optimized static blasting method, also known as "environmentally friendly expansion agent method" or "low noise blasting". By precisely controlling the drilling depth, spacing, and usage of Expansive Mortar, efficient, environmentally friendly, and safe rock fragmentation has been achieved.

Main construction processes

(1) Precision drilling with pneumatic picks

(2) Mix Expansive Mortar in proportion and stir evenly

(3) Layered filling of Expansive Mortar to drilling holes

(4) Control rock cracking and chemical reaction time

(5) Use hydraulic hammer to break in the direction of cracks

(6) Excavation layer by layer, strictly following the measurement and layout range

Design hole layout and drilling technology

Optimize hole layout design

The drilling diameter is determined to be 38mm, with a horizontal and vertical hole spacing of 25cm, and a row spacing controlled between 20-30cm to ensure that the expansion agent can fully exert its effectiveness. The drilling depth should be controlled between 1.5-2m based on the actual situation of the rock on site.

Fine drilling operation

Use a pneumatic drill for precise drilling to ensure that there is no residual water or slag inside the hole and the hole opening is clean. At the same time, according to the actual situation on site, adjust the drilling depth and spacing in a timely manner to ensure the crushing effect.

Expansive Mortar blending and filling technology

Precise mixing of expansion agents

According to the requirements in the product manual of Expansive Mortar, strictly control the ratio of water to medication (1:3) to ensure that Expansive Mortar is stirred evenly into a paste.

Efficient filling technology

The construction method of "layer by layer crushing from top to bottom" is adopted, which is convenient for manual operation. At the same time, a multi group filling method is adopted to ensure the efficiency and safety of the drug filling process.

Rock cracking and excavation techniques

Control the time of rock cracking

By adding an appropriate amount of promoter and increasing the temperature of the mixing water, precise control of rock cracking time can be achieved to improve construction efficiency.

Fine excavation

The cracked rock mass is finely crushed using a hydraulic fracturing hammer for construction. During the excavation process, strictly follow the measurement and layout range to avoid over excavation and under excavation.

Quality assurance measures

Establish a sound quality assurance system

Ensure that the construction quality of each process meets the regulatory requirements.

Strictly implement the design plan

When geological conditions change, adjust the construction plan in a timely manner to ensure construction quality and safety.

Layered excavation and support

Adopting a layer by layer excavation method from top to bottom, while excavating and supporting, to ensure the stability of the slope.

Classification and storage of excavation slag materials

Classify and store according to soil, stone, useful materials, and useless materials to ensure the stability of the slope of the slag body.

Through the above optimization plan, the stone excavation construction of this project has improved construction efficiency and quality while ensuring construction safety and environmental protection, achieving sustainable development of the engineering construction.


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